ReACT is a partnership project between ECPAT groups in the UK, France, Belgium, The Netherlands and Germany aiming to increase the capacity of representatives (guardians and lawyers) of child victims of trafficking to provide appropriate support and uphold the rights of trafficked children during legal proceedings in key trafficking destination countries.

The project supports trafficked children and their representatives (guardians and lawyers) by:

  • Delivering a practical research programme that focuses on guardianship systems for child victims of trafficking involved in legal procedures in five Member States (Belgium, France, Germany, Netherlands and UK)

  • Developing multidisciplinary training modules that promote minimum standards for guardians and lawyers regarding child victims of trafficking, including specific modules relating to their roles and responsibilities

  • Providing training for guardians (or other representatives according to the country) and lawyers on child victims of trafficking involved in legal procedures at national level in five Member States

  • Producing child-friendly information tools for child victims of trafficking in order to inform children of their rights as children, and as child victims of trafficking

  • Advocating to ensure effective legal guardianship for child victims of trafficking in EU Member States and to integrate information and training on trafficking in the curriculum of new guardians and lawyers

Funded by the European Union

Latest news and research

Lighting the way: Steps that lawyers, legal guardians and child trafficking advocates in the UK can take to better identify and protect children who may have been trafficked

In this report published by ECPAT's ReACT project, expert children's rights lawyer Nadine Finch offers practical guidance for professionals and authorities to improve the care of children who may have been trafficked, including embedding the National Referral Mechanism within existing child protection systems, consistently applying the presumption of age requirement and providing specialist training on trafficking and exploitation for all child protection professionals. 

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