UPDATE: This project is now closed. The RACE in Europe project was a two-year (2012-2014) initiative led by Anti-Slavery International, ECPAT UK and other partners to improve knowledge about the nature and scale of trafficking of children and adults for forced criminal exploitation and forced begging across Europe.

In 2013, we produced exploratory research to assess the scale of human trafficking for forced criminal exploitation and forced begging in Europe. Practitioners from across Europe were trained to identify and protect the rights of the victims of this crime.

The project aims were:

  • Enhance knowledge and awareness amongst law enforcement, policy makers, service providers, legislators, the media and civil society of human trafficking for forced criminal activities and forced begging in Europe

  • Train practitioners in three European sub-regions on intervention in cases of forced criminal activities and begging

  • Build cross-EU links and strengthen partnerships amongst relevant stakeholders

Latest news and research

European states fail to protect thousands of people trafficked and forced into crime. The RACE in Europe report, Trafficking for Forced Criminal Activities and Begging in Europe, analyses the phenomenon of trafficking into crime such as cannabis cultivation, ATM theft, pickpocketing, bag-snatching, counterfeit DVD selling, benefit fraud and forced sham marriage, as well as being forced to beg. It explores the situation in the project partner countries (Ireland, the UK, the Czech Republic, and the Netherlands) and provides an overview of the rest of Europe.

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