ECPAT UK's youth group has made such a big difference to my life and my future. At the group, they help me deal with all the difficulties I have. ECPAT UK even found me a therapist to talk through my struggles. I'm so grateful to be able to develop my skills, confidence and independence through the weekly sessions. Without ECPAT UK, I would not be who I am today.

Hanh*, 15 years old

Hanh was trafficked from Vietnam to the UK where she was forced into sexual exploitation. When she escaped and found a police station, she thought her ordeal was over. But it was the beginning of a new struggle - telling her story to police officers, social workers and foster carers, being disbelieved and unable to access basic counselling.

Hanh was traumatised, but with the support of ECPAT UK's youth programme, she is now recovering from her experiences and rebuilding her life. 

Children and young people who have been trafficked have complex needs and require consistent, long-term support. 

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