ReACT Child Leaflet

Our child friendly leaflet and short film in 11 languages

ReACT is a partnership project between ECPAT groups in the UK, France, Belgium, The Netherlands and Germany aiming to increase the capacity of representatives (guardians and lawyers) of child victims of trafficking to provide appropriate support and uphold the rights of trafficked children during legal proceedings in key trafficking destination countries. Find out more about the ReACT project.

Our free leaflet and short film is aimed at informing child trafficking victims about their rights and how to find help, and is available in eleven different languages. 

English:   Download the ReACT leaflet   

Bulgarian:   Download the ReACT leaflet   

Farsi:   Download the ReACT leaflet   

French:   Download the ReACT leaflet   

Pashto:   Download the ReACT leaflet   

Pidgin English:   Download the ReACT leaflet   

Romanian:   Download the ReACT leaflet   

Vietnamese:   Download the ReACT leaflet   

Albanian:   Download the ReACT leaflet   

Arabic:   Download the ReACT leaflet   

Chinese:   Download the ReACT leaflet