Christmas charity event: Bring your team on board to support trafficked young people

This Christmas, get into the spirit of giving that makes a real difference for the UK’s most vulnerable children and young people. We're seeking a company partner to provide Christmas presents and a festive meal for the 25 young victims of trafficking enrolled in our award-winning youth programme.

We are the UK’s longest running organisation specialising in child trafficking. Our youth programme was the first of its kind in the UK – filling a gap in support for young people who are often alone in the UK, separated from family, friends and community. Through our weekly youth groups, we provide a safe space for victims of trafficking to support each other, learn skills, gain confidence and rebuild their lives. Many of the young people who have graduated from the programme are now in employment and some have even begun university education! But all have complex journeys and require a great deal of support to reach a position of stability.

For young people who are separated from family, in an unfamiliar environment and struggling with trauma, the festive period can be isolating, desperate and distressing. This increases their vulnerability to further exploitation. To counter this, we hold a festive meal around Christmas time where the young people – who are like a family to each other – can come and enjoy a meal with people who are special to them. What’s more, each young person receives a gift, which is often the only gift they will receive that year.

We are a small organisation making a big impact in our local community, but we need your help. Will you bring your team on board to help us provide a festive experience filled with cheer, goodwill and meaning?

How it works

  • Your team members sign up to be a friend for a trafficked child this Christmas. Each participating team member buys and wraps a Christmas gift for the child they have been matched with (a list of appropriate gift ideas will be provided). The spending limit will be £20 per gift. 
  • Your company ‘matches’ the total amount spent on providing gifts. This money goes towards the charity’s festive dinner for the children and young people, where each young person will receive their gift from your team members.
  • We will publicly thank your company through our website, social media and e-marketing platforms, and provide full impact reporting which will include images and messages from the young people you help.

Pledge your support

To partner with Every Child Protected Against Trafficking (ECPAT UK) this Christmas, please contact Debbie Beadle, Director of Programmes, by emailing [email protected] or calling 020 7607 2136.

Thank you!