This year, an incredible 120,535 supporters called for specialist support for all trafficked childrenBecause of you, we sent a strong message to the government that the public demand guaranteed specialist support for all trafficked children. However, the fight is not finished and with the Modern Slavery Act currently under review, it’s now or never to make sure your voice is heard.

There are thousands of children identified as trafficking victims in the UK, and the numbers are rising each year. Unaccompanied children in migration continue to be among those most at risk of being trafficked. All of these children need an independent, trusted individual to support them, yet in England and Wales there is still no comprehensive guardianship service available to them.

Will you take 5 minutes to contact your MP asking them to raise this with the Home Secretary?

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All trafficked and unaccompanied children deserve an independent guardian to help them access their rights. With the #ModernSlaveryAct under review, it's now or never to make this happen. <@MP handle>, please raise this with @sajidjavid #allchildren

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All trafficked and unaccompanied children should have access to an independent guardian

These children may have had to flee their country due to conflict, and then been exploited on their journey to the UK. Or they may be British children in the care system, let down by the adults around them. They may have been forced to grow or sell drugs, or forced into sexual exploitation. They may have no relatives or friends in the UK. They may face prosecution for offences they were forced to commit by their traffickers. They may have physical injuries and mental health conditions as a result of their abuse.

Now imagine that these children have to navigate the immigration, criminal justice, social care, health and education systems on their own, often without a parent or trusted person to support them.

International standards say that all unaccompanied and trafficked children should be entitled to an independent, legal guardian to act in their best interests and support their needs. It has been shown that having a guardian can help unaccompanied children feel comfortable to share experiences of trafficking, which leads to them receiving the support they need to recover. Having a guardian also helps prevent children from being re-trafficked. Yet in the UK, a much more limited version of guardianship exists in law, and it has not been made available to all children across the country. 

Please take 5 minutes to contact your MP asking them to raise this with the Home Secretary

Thank you for standing with our most vulnerable children.