We have a vision of a world in which children everywhere are protected from trafficking and exploitation. Leaving a gift in your will is a wonderful way to help us achieve this vision and support vulnerable children for years to come.

A stable future
When you leave ECPAT UK a gift in your will, you enable us to provide long term support to children and young people who have been trafficked. This means practical support that helps them recover from their trauma and rebuild their lives, and reduces their vulnerability to further exploitation. It means ground breaking research, policy and campaigns that hold the government to account to protect children everywhere from exploitation. And it means building the capacity of frontline professionals and local authorities to identify and safeguard child victims of trafficking effectively.

As a small charity making a big impact in the lives of vulnerable children, legacy gifts are vitally important to ensuring we can continue our important work for as long as we are needed.

Making decisions about your future
Creating a will is the most effective way for you to ensure your wishes are carried out and you leave a legacy that positively impacts others for years to come. It can be simple and inexpensive to create a will, however we strongly advise you to consult a specialised solicitor. They will help you make sure that all of the legal aspects of the will are correct so that it is valid.

There are three different types of legacy gift you may like to consider:

Residuary legacies
This is a share of your estate that is received once all other wishes and duties, such as any debts, funeral costs and cash gifts, are paid.

Pecuniary legacies
This is a cash gift of a fixed amount. This type of gift can be index-linked to retain its value over time; otherwise it will depreciate in line with inflation.

Specific legacies
This is usually a possession to be used or sold by the charity. An example of a specific legacy might be land, property or jewellery.

How to leave a legacy gift
Get in touch with our Chief Executive, Patricia Durr, for a private conversation about your wishes and advice on creating your will. You can contact Patricia by calling 0203 903 4631 or emailing [email protected].

Our promise to you
We understand that decisions about your future require careful consideration. We will never pressure you to leave a legacy gift, or any type of financial gift. What’s more, we will always respect your right to change your mind. We are committed to using donations efficiently to protect children from trafficking, so you can be confident that your legacy gift will be used in the most effective way to secure a safe future for vulnerable children. For more information on our approach to donations, fundraising and supporters, read our supporter promise.