The End-to-End Vulnerability Mapping project is a joint project between ECPAT UK, Pacific Links Foundation and Anti-Slavery International researching the vulnerabilities of Vietnamese migrants who transit to the UK via Europe. Taking place over two years, this project aims to improve understanding of the factors that have contributed to the vulnerability of Vietnamese nationals to exploitation and trafficking in human beings, and to generate awareness amongst professionals and authorities in the UK about the support needs of Vietnamese victims in the UK. The project includes research that focuses on documenting what makes young people in Vietnam at risk of being trafficked and exploited while moving through European transit countries, as well as when they arrive in the UK. 

The key project objectives are:

  1. To expand the evidence base on underlying factors that contribute to exploitation along migratory routes from Vietnam to the UK via Europe
  2. Reduce migrants' vulnerability to exploitation by generating a greater understanding of support needs that exist in Vietnam, in transit countries and in the UK

The project is expanding the evidence base on migratory routes through end-to-end vulnerability mapping that maps the routes taken by Vietnamese nationals from Vietnam through European transit countries and ending in the UK. Using this evidence, we aim to identify geographic targets, trafficking methods and future trafficking trends.

The project will also reduce Vietnamese migrants' vulnerability to exploitation by building the knowledge and capacity of at-risk youth in Vietnam to protect themselves against trafficking. For example, the Secret Gardeners animated film, an output of the project, has now been launched in Vietnam.

Image credit: Pacific Links Foundation