Trafficked children are just like other young people their age – full of potential, with hopes and dreams for the future. Take action now to support child victims of modern slavery by writing to your MP: call on them to support Lords Amendment 27 in the Nationality and Borders Bill and ensure stable futures for all children who have been trafficked and exploited.

The House of Lords added Lords Amendment 27 to the Nationality and Borders Bill, which will protect all child victims of trafficking and exploitation by exempting them from the most damaging parts of the Bill and by ensuring that all decisions about them are made in line with their best interests, including decisions about granting leave to remain in the UK.

Following the trauma of exploitation and often difficult journeys, many young people arriving in the UK find being identified as a victim is not the end of their ordeal but the beginning of a new one.

Young people find themselves in complex and confusing situations. Often they face years of waiting to hear whether they will be granted leave to remain the UK, and being left in limbo (without access to education or the ability to work) can have devastating consequences on all aspects of their lives. It impacts their mental health and can leave them at risk of further harm from those seeking to exploit their vulnerability.

“Living without the freedom of secure immigration status makes you want to end your life… but you can be that person who comes into my life and stands up for me.” – young victim of modern slavery

Now is not the time to deny more people sanctuary, or to reduce identification and protection for victims of modern slavery. Without Lords Amendment 27, the Bill will have devastating consequences for trafficked and exploited children of all nationalities.

All children should be protected as children first and foremost, particularly those who have experienced trauma and need special support to recover. Giving them #StableFutures is the right thing to do.

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