UPDATE (October 2018): This petition is now closed. Thank you to the 120,535 supporters who called on the Government to guarantee specialist support for child victims of trafficking. You can keep the momentum going by taking our follow up action demanding stable futures for trafficked children.

"I was lost: my childhood was stolen. But no one seemed to want to help me."
Sophie*, 15, who was sexually exploited for two years

Each year, thousands of children like Sophie* are identified as victims of modern slavery and trafficking in the UK. These children are in situations of sexual exploitation, forced labour, criminal exploitation and domestic servitude, and they are some of the most vulnerable in our society. Many are in the UK alone, with no family or support network.

Children who have suffered in situations of exploitation have specific needs.

They require high levels of dedicated and specialist support in order to recover and rebuild their lives.

All children suspected of being victims of trafficking have a right to this support under UK child protection laws.

Yet the current support system, the National Referral Mechanism (NRM) is not fit for purpose for children. The support provided is often severely inadequate and hugely inconsistent - leaving many at risk of further exploitation and harm. 

Join us in calling on the Home Secretary to reform the NRM and guarantee specialist support for all child victims of trafficking

Read the petition letter for full details about this campaign, including the specific changes we are asking for

*real name and image changed to protect her identity.

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