Catch up with our youth-led events, report launch events and free webinars on child trafficking and the issues facing survivors in the UK.

What does the Illegal Migration Bill mean for children?
Hear about the proposed changes to the law and the specific impact on children including child victims of trafficking. Our Head of Policy, Advocacy and Research is joined by our Youth Participation and Support Officer with feedback from members of our Youth Advisory Group about their rights to protection and care. This webinar took place during Refugee Awareness Month and is part of our Champions for Children fundraiser and #CareForEveryChild campaign calling for equal rights to protection and care for unaccompanied children

Child trafficking in the UK 2021: a snapshot 
The next event in ECPAT UK's practice webinar series provides an overview of contemporary issues in child trafficking in the UK. ECPAT UK's Senior Policy and Research Officer Laura Duran is joined by April McCoig, Victims and Partnership Lead for the Office of the Independent Anti-Slavery Commissioner, and TB, ECPAT UK youth group member, for a presentation of 2021's snapshot report. The report provides an outline of the latest data and policy developments alongside examples of promising practice and challenges faced by practitioners. View the slides from the webinar here

Stable futures for child victims of trafficking 
A key aim for us at ECPAT UK is securing stable futures for child victims and survivors of trafficking. But what does this actually mean in practice? What do young people say stable futures means to them? What are the things practitioners can do to support stable futures for young people who have experienced child trafficking, modern slavery and exploitation? 

Building trust with child victims of trafficking

In the next part of ECPAT UK's practice webinar series we consider the importance of trust when working with child victims of trafficking. We will discuss why in the context of trafficking it can be so difficult for young people to trust practitioners. We hear young people's perspectives on this, as well as what can harm trust and how we can effectively build trusting working relationships with young people who have been trafficking. 

ECPAT UK in conversation with Dave*, youth campaigner and survivor of child trafficking

Listening to young people’s experiences of child trafficking is critical to understanding what we can do to better support victims and survivors. This is integral to our work with young people at ECPAT UK. In this online event, Dave*, an ECPAT UK youth group member shared his experiences in the UK as a survivor of child trafficking and how support can be improved for other young people. Catch up with the recording of this event and opportunity to hear first hand the challenges facing trafficked young people in the UK and how we can all help create change so that all young people have stable futures. *Name changed to protect the young person's identity.

What does the government's New Plan for Immigration mean for child victims of trafficking?

Catch up with our panel discussing what the government's New Plan for Immigration means for child victims of trafficking, with expert speakers: Kamena Dorling, Head of Policy and Advocacy at Article39 and Head of Policy at Helen Bamber Foundation; Phillipa Roberts, Director of Legal Policy and Solicitor at Hope for Justice; Andy Sirel, Partner and Legal Director at JustRight Scotland; Laura Durán, Senior Policy and Research Officer at ECPAT UK; Musa, youth campaigner with the Youth-Led Separated Children's Commission at The Children's Society; and Temi, youth campaigner and support worker at ECPAT UK.

Hopeful futures online exhibition

Catch up with our online exhibition for our Hopeful Futures photography competition where you'll see all the amazing entries and find out who won!

Supporting migrants at risk of trafficking

Watch our two hour learning webinar on risks of trafficking for migrants to the UK and supporting potential victims.

ECPAT UK and World Vision Vietnam resources launch event

Catch up with ECPAT UK and World Vision Vietnam's launch event for our new information resources aiming to inform Vietnamese migrants at risk of trafficking about their rights in the UK.

ECPAT UK and the Independent Anti-Slavery Commissioner launch event for our joint #WhatWorksReview

Watch the recording of the launch event for ECPAT UK and the Office of the Independent Anti-Slavery Commissioner's joint review into what works in multi-agency decision making and the implications for child victims of trafficking - a piece of work that will help inform potential future piloting of local National Referral Mechanism decision making.

Focusing practice on the best interests of child victims of trafficking

This one hour webinar explores the common areas of frontline practice where professionals lose sight of the best interests of the child in prioritising other concerns, and how we can ensure children's best interests are fully embedded in all aspects of practice - from safeguarding to asylum and the criminal justice system. This webinar is ideal for practitioners working with victims of trafficking, unaccompanied children seeking asylum and other children at risk of trafficking. Please note this is a recording of an interactive webinar.

An introduction to spiritual abuse and trafficking

Watch our webinar on the various ways young victims of trafficking may experience ritual and spiritual abuse to enhance your capacity to support them appropriately.

Understanding the statutory defence for victims of trafficking in the UK

This webinar provides an overview of the statutory defence for victims of trafficking relating to crimes committed while they were victims, and explains how it is applied. The statutory defence forms section 45 of the Modern Slavery Act (England and Wales) 2015.

Safeguarding trafficked children at risk of going missing from care

Watch our webinar on our flagship 'Heading Back to Harm' and 'Still in Harm's Way' reports, which use data obtained from local authorities across the UK via Freedom of Information requests to determine the scale of missing trafficked and unaccompanied children. We'll cover the basics of best practice in preventing and responding to missing children, and more.

Trafficking from Vietnam to the UK: Mapping exploitation risks

Based on our ground-breaking 'Precarious Journeys' report, watch the replay of our free webinar on trafficking risks to people migrating from Vietnam to the UK through Europe, and the different vulnerabilities to exploitation many face on their journeys, in this free webinar for furloughed or self-isolating professionals.

Not one or the other: Multiple forms of exploitation for victims of trafficking

Watch our free webinar for professionals self-isolating during the coronavirus pandemic. This webinar explores the different forms of exploitation and how they may overlap in real life cases - building your capacity of the complexities of exploitation and how this impacts child victims' needs.

Best practice and guidance for using the UK's National Referral Mechanism

Watch our first free webinar for professionals self-isolating during the coronavirus pandemic: Best practice and guidance for using the National Referral Mechanism (NRM) – the UK’s system for identifying and recognising victims of trafficking. In this webinar, you'll build your knowledge of the National Referral Mechanism, your statutory duties and best practice.