This month, our youth group members enjoyed a residential trip to the coast for four action-packed days of fun, relaxation and skills-building.

Taking part in physical activities and challenges such as the big swing, zipwire, kayaking and abseiling, the young people had lots of fun, tried new things, overcame fears and made happy memories. 

Johnny*, from our Boys and Young Men's group, valued the support of his peers:

'I made new friends. I used to be scared of heights but everyone was telling me I could do it. I really enjoyed the time away.'

Another young person from our Girls and Young Women's group, Sarah*, gained vital confidence:

'Going on the trip made me experience lots of activities that have been watching on television. It also increased my boldness in terms of facing fears.'

A range of arts, creative activities and skills-building gave the groups space to reflect on their dreams for the future and support each other in making them happen.

Kate*, a member of our Girls and Young Women's group, shared her highlights of the trip:

'Meeting new people, overcoming my fear, discovering what my body can do, getting to come away with new people, going to the beach and sharing good food. Thanks a lot for making this happen.'

Thank you to everyone who donated and made this trip possible. Here are some of our highlights!

*Names changed to protect the young people's identities