Because we have all been through the same situation, it gives us that little bit of relief to say 'ok, you are not alone and you didn't go through that all by yourself'

Recovering from exploitation is a long and complex process.

Imagine missing years of school and support; experiencing unimaginable abuse without family or friends for support

On top of this, imagine you are disbelieved by the professionals charged with your care. You may face prosecution for offences you were forced to commit by your traffickers. And you may have physical injuries and mental health conditions as a result of abuse.

This is the reality facing trafficked children and young people every day.

Life is stressful and uncertain. Many of the girls have children of their own. Most have not travelled outside of London. They often live in very cramped living environments and survive on a small allowance.

ECPAT UK's youth programme supports children and young people to recover from their experiences, gain skills and rebuild their lives. Each year, we take the young people away to help them rest and recover from the stresses of their everyday lives.

Being in a new environment, in the fresh air, creates new perspectives and broadened horizons. Taking on challenges and team building activities gives young people opportunities to build trust and peer support.

But to do this we need your help.

Help us raise £5,000 this summer and give trafficked young people an experience they will cherish.

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