Child trafficking is happening right here, right now.

Almost every day, stories about child trafficking grab the headlines. Children are being exploited in every town across the UK. Last year alone, record numbers of potential victims were identified - more than 3,000 children were sexually exploited, forced to labour, forced into criminal activity or abused as domestic servants.

With more children needing support, the demand for ECPAT UK’s services has never been greater. But we need your help to support everyone who needs us - young people like Hanh*. 

Aged 15, Hanh* was trafficked from Vietnam to the UK where she was sexually exploited for two months. One day, she escaped and found a police station. She was identified as a victim of trafficking and safeguarded, but remained vulnerable with no specialist support to help her recover. Hanh was scared and didn’t know who to trust, but with the support she receives at ECPAT UK’s youth group, she is rebuilding her life.

This Christmas, your gift can change a young person's future

Many trafficked children are alone in the UK without a family, friends or community for support. For them, Christmas can be an isolating time of year. Our youth programme provides young people like Hanh with a community of others who have been through similar experiences. Hanh said:

"The youth group has made a big difference to my life and my future. At the group they help me deal with all the difficulties I have. Without ECPAT UK I would not be who I am today.
ECPAT UK is a family for children who have lost theirs."

With your help, we can ensure children like Hanh feel safe, warm and cared for this Christmas. 

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£25 could give a young victim of trafficking an hour of practical advice and emotional support from our expert youth workers

£50 could pay for a workshop for young victims that develops their skills for the future

£100 could help us to publish a report on child trafficking to improve protection of victims

£200 could pay for a confidence-building group activity or trip for young victims of trafficking 

*Name changed to protect the young person's identity