Youth programme

The award-winning ECPAT UK youth programme supports young people to move on and recover from their experiences of exploitation and trafficking. We provide a safe environment to enable them to learn valuable life skills, access peer support, understand their rights and have their voices heard.Read more

Trafficked girls and young women's group

The award-winning ECPAT UK Trafficked girls and young women's group was the first-ever peer support group for trafficked young people in the UK. It provides a safe space where young people who have been through emotional trauma can socialise and get involved in projects, such as drama and arts, as a way for them to recover from their experiences.Read more

Trafficked boys and young men's group

ECPAT UK and The Children’s Society run a partnership project supporting boys and young men who have been trafficked to the UK. The project draws on the successful model of peer support for trafficked girls and young women pioneered by ECPAT UK.Read more