Child victims of trafficking are just like other young people, with hopes and dreams for the future. While they may have experienced unimaginable trauma, they are resilient, resourceful and full of potential. Yet under the current system, they are often unable to recover, live stable lives and plan for their future.

Having a long term plan in place, stable immigration status when necessary and someone to support them early on in their recovery would allow each child to live in safety, free of fear and of further instability in their lives. It would allow them to focus on their education, future careers and friendships, just like any other young person.

That’s why we're campaigning for trafficked and unaccompanied children to have stable futures.

Our stable futures campaign calls on the government to:

  1. Expand the Independent Child Trafficking Guardian service in England and Wales to all unaccompanied children as well as those already identified as potentially trafficked.
  2. Establish a process to find a long-term, sustainable arrangement for each child victim of trafficking, including providing each child with an immigration decision that is based on their best interests.

We're proud to have the following campaign supporters:


Afzal Khan MP Kerry McCarthy MP
Alex Norris MP Munira Wilson MP
Ben Lake MP Sarah Champion MP
Bell Ribeiro-Addy MP Sarah Jones MP
Caroline Lucas MP Stuart C. McDonald MP
Carolyn Harris MP Wera Hobhouse MP
Darren Jones MP Lord Alton of Liverpool
Helen Hayes MP Lord Hylton
James Murray MP


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