Tuesday, 7th July 2020

ECPAT UK has today re-launched its training programme, with a range of courses adapted into interactive online modules. The new training programme will kick off with a free webinar on focusing practice on the best interests of the child, on Tuesday 14th July.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, our in-person training courses have been postponed due to government restrictions and the health risks associated with gathering in large groups. Despite the easing of lockdown restrictions, ECPAT UK will deliver its training programme online to maintain the safety of our staff and training participants. Our in-person training programme will be re-launched once it is safe to do so.

We're pleased to have adapted our highly rated courses into half-day modules taking place online. Each module is based on our signature interactive learning style and courses will be delivered to our usual standards of quality and expertise.

The courses now available online are:

Free Webinar: Focusing practice on the best interests of child victims of trafficking 
When: 2-3pm, 14th July 2020

This free, one hour webinar will explore the common areas of practice where we lose sight of the best interests of the child in prioritising other concerns, and how we can ensure children's best interests are fully embedded in all aspects of frontline practice - from safeguarding to asylum and the criminal justice system. This webinar is ideal for practitioners working with victims of trafficking, unaccompanied children seeking asylum and other children at risk of trafficking. Watch the recording of this webinar

An Overview of Child Trafficking, Exploitation and Modern Slavery 
When: Various dates, July - September 2020

This online training course will give you an overview of child trafficking, exploitation and modern slavery in the UK, support you to identify cases of child exploitation and build your understanding of the challenges victims face. Split into two modules, the first module will give you an overview of child trafficking in the UK, its different forms and their dynamics, while the second session outlines best practice in safeguarding and disruption responses to child trafficking and exploitation. This course is ideal for a broad range of professionals working in any services working with children vulnerable to trafficking and exploitation.

Safe accommodation and missing child victims of trafficking
When: Various dates, July 2020
This online course focuses on the specific challenges of accommodating victims of trafficking and separated children seeking asylum. Split into two modules, this course will give you an understanding of the issue and why children go missing, and will support you with practical tools to respond in line with the best practice. This course is ideal for those involved in the care of children at risk of trafficking, such as Looked After Child and fostering social workers, foster carers, care home staff and missing persons practitioners.

Child Criminal Exploitation and Trafficking
When: Various dates, August 2020

In this online course, you'll gain an understanding of the causes and dynamics of forced criminality among children in the UK and build your capacity to identify its various forms and respond in line with best practice. Split into two modules, the first module will review the different forms of CCE, their dynamics and methods of control. The second module will consider best practice in safeguarding children and disrupting trafficking, with a particular focus on non-prosecution for child victims of trafficking and working with those already in the Youth Justice System. This course is ideal for safeguarding, youth justice and legal practitioners who encounter children vulnerable to CCE in their work as it will provide participants with updated knowledge and skills to improve support for children.

Spiritual abuse and child trafficking 
When: 9.30am - 1pm, 18th August 2020
In this online, half-day course you'll examine the particular relationship between spiritual abuse and child trafficking and gain an understanding of the interlinkages between the two, their dynamics and effective responses to this particular issue. This course is ideal for those working with child victims of trafficking and exploitation where spiritual abuse is a particular concern. It is recommended that you have a solid understanding of child trafficking, modern slavery and exploitation prior to attending this course (for example, by attending Module 1 of our ‘Overview’ course as a minimum).

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For more information, contact Phil Spencer, Training and Practice Officer at ECPAT UK by emailing [email protected]