Wednesday, 25th March 2020

ECPAT UK is delighted to launch a series of free learning webinars for home-working and self-isolating professionals to build their knowledge and capacity to support children who may be victims of trafficking.

From Monday, we will be delivering free 45 minute courses open to professionals across the UK who may come into contact with children who have been trafficked.

Our in-person training courses have been postponed due to government restrictions following the coronavirus pandemic.

The courses will cover a range of topics, including:

  • Monday 30th March, 11am: Best practice and guidance for using the National Referral Mechanism – the UK’s system for identifying and recognising victims of trafficking. This course will give an overview of the system and the statutory duties many practitioners hold.

  • Thursday 2nd April, 2pm: Trafficking from Vietnam to the UK through Europe - mapping exploitation risks among migrants. Based on our recent Precarious Journeys research, this course will highlight the ways in which Vietnamese people in migration are vulnerable to exploitation, and what the common exploitation types are in different locations across Europe.

  • Monday 6th April, 11am: Statutory defence (section 45 of the Modern Slavery Act 2015) - providing an overview of the provision of a statutory defence for victims of trafficking for crimes committed while they were victims and how it is applied.

  • Tuesday 7th April, 2pm: Safeguarding children at risk of going missing from care. Following our landmark Heading Back to Harm report and our follow up Still in Harm’s Way report, this course outlines the links between children going missing from local authority care and the prevalence of child exploitation across the UK, as well as an overview of best practice in safeguarding against missing episodes.

  • Wednesday 8th April, 11am: An introduction to spiritual abuse and trafficking - highlighting the various ways young victims of trafficking may experience ritual and spiritual abuse.

  • Thursday 9th April, 2pm: Not one or the other - multiple forms of exploitation for victims of trafficking this webinar explores the different forms of exploitation and how they may overlap in real life cases.

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Phil Spencer, Training and Practice Officer at ECPAT UK, said

‘Due to the coronavirus pandemic, we were forced to postpone our in-person training courses until it’s safe to hold them again.

‘However we know that like us, many child protection professionals are having to adapt to home working and we wanted to offer them the opportunity to use some of this time for learning so that when they return to their vital frontline roles, they will be able to implement best practice in identifying and safeguarding vulnerable children.’


Phil Spencer, Training and Practice Officer, ECPAT UK: [email protected]