The coronavirus crisis has had a huge impact on our ability to raise the money we need to support young victims of trafficking, at a time when they need us more than ever.

That's why this Sunday 26th April – a day that would’ve brought thousands together for the London marathon and raised millions of pounds for charities – we're excited to be taking part in the 2.6 challenge!

Join thousands across the country raising vital funds for charity from home

You don’t need to be a marathon runner to take part – this is a challenge for all ages and abilities!

Dust off your trainers, pick up your paintbrush or put on a pinny and take up a challenge based around the numbers 26 or 2.6. This could be running 2.6 miles, doing 26 push ups, baking 26 cupcakes or creating 26 paintings. 

Once you’ve decided on your challenge, nominate a friend or family member and get fundraising! Don’t worry if you can’t leave your home and get outside – we’ve got plenty of ideas for challenges you can do from home. 

How it works

  • Pick your challenge. Get creative – this can be anything themed around the numbers 26 or 2.6. Stuck for ideas? We’ve put together a list of 26 activities below. If you’ve got kids, get them involved too!
  • Click on this link to set up your fundraising page. Share it with your family, friends and community and encourage them to support your feat in aid of our work!
  • Nominate someone else to take part!

We’re all in this together

If you don’t want to commit to a challenge, you can get involved by making a donation of £26 or whatever you can afford.

Help inspire others by sharing photos or videos of your challenge on social media. We’d love to see what you’re doing and give you a shoutout, so remember to tag ECPAT UK and use the official hashtag #TwoPointSixChallenge to be part of this national feat. Our official social media accounts are linked in the top right corner of this page.

26 ideas for the 2.6 challenge

- bake 26 cupcakes
- run, walk or cycle 2.6 km
- solve a Rubik’s cube in 26 moves 
- run up and down the stairs 26 times
- draw 26 cartoon characters
- juggle for 2.6 minutes
- throw and catch a ball for 2.6 hours without dropping it
- read 2.6 books (or 26 pages of a book!)
- hold 26 yoga poses for 26 seconds each
- do 26 press ups
- do 26 keepy-uppies in a row
- go for a 26 minute walk
- sing 26 songs by your favourite artist
- skip for 2.6 minutes
- find 26 things on a scavenger hunt
- learn 26 words of a new language or the same word in 26 languages
- host an online workout for 26 friends
- learn the 26 letters of the alphabet in sign language 
- hold a plank for 2.6 minutes
- hop or skip for 2.6 km
- host a 26 question quiz for 26 friends – everyone donates £2.60 to enter
- paint 26 different flowers
- do a 26 metre relay race with a twist (crawl, hop, hoola-hoop)
- do a handstand for 2.6 minutes
- do 26 laps of the garden
- draw your 26 favourite things

The possibilities are endless… there are no rules (apart from the Government guidelines on how to exercise safely during this time!)

Whatever you can do, you will be part of an epic collective effort to save the UK’s charities. Together we can get active, have fun and raise vital money for our important work.

If you have any questions or need support with fundraising, please get in touch by calling 0207 607 2136 or emailing [email protected]