Wednesday, 23rd December 2020

This week, two more men were found guilty of manslaughter following the deaths of 39 Vietnamese men, women and children in a lorry in Essex last October. Our thoughts remain with the families and friends of all the victims.

The case highlights the precarious journeys people are compelled to make due to a lack of safe and legal routes, which pushes desperate people into the hands of smugglers and traffickers. It also highlights the need for international cooperation and commitment from governments to prevent further loss of life and to combat this organised crime.

Children and young people in these situations face additional risks of trafficking and exploitation en route and in the UK due to their inherent vulnerability as children.

In our work supporting children and young people who have been trafficked, we see time and time again the impact of insecurity and trauma on them and the visceral human need for safety and protection and stability.

What is needed is a commitment to provide safe and legal routes for migrants to prevent these perilous journeys and guaranteed support and stability for those identified as victims.


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