We are so grateful to all those who joined us for our event ‘It’s About Family’, especially the young people who shaped the event and contributed and artists Nancy Hawa, Safia Lamrani, and Sarah Agha, for sharing their wonderful talents.

One thing that our youth group members often say is that ECPAT UK is like ‘one big family’ and so we explored that idea further with them to co-create this festive celebration inviting our funders, supporters and partners to join us.

Most of the young people that we work with are separated and unaccompanied children and young people, with limited support networks and in need of the support and connection they find with us and other charities like ECPAT UK, as the most instrumental thing in helping them to access stable futures.

ECPAT UK youth group member, James, said:

I believe family is a connection. What I mean by connection is love. To me family is love, family is everything… Having just one connection can create a whole universe, see how important connection is in family… so no matter who you choose to be your family, no matter their colour, no matter their gender… is you have one little connection with that person, that is your family.

During our event, we reflected on the meaning of family, celebrating and sharing our connections and talents. We enjoyed the singing of Nancy Hawa and poetry readings by Sarah Agha and Safia Lamrani and our CEO Patricia Durr.

Patricia said:

"Relationships and connection are central to everything we do at ECPAT UK. All children and young people have the right to feel and be safe and supported and we celebrate the best and broadest concept of family and our collective responsibilities towards them and to each other. we know that through this event our ECPAT UK family has grown and we are thankful to everyone who took part and proud of our youth group members for inspiring and creating it."

We held this event as part of our Big Give week. During this week, until 7th December 2021, every donation that we receive will be DOUBLED! Our generous funders at the Childhood Trust and the Wyndham Charitable Trust will match every single donation that we receive, meaning that your gift could have DOUBLE THE IMPACT!

Donate now and help us to continue providing a safe space for young victims of trafficking to develop a support network, access therapeutic activities and recover from their experiences.