ECPAT UK today published a new booklet to empower practitioners, campaigners, students and the general public to ensure the needs of trafficked children are considered at every level of UK society.

Launched to coincide with Anti-Slavery Day 2014, FAQs on Child Trafficking provides insight into the frontline issues and questions identified by ECPAT UK in daily interactions with practitioners and children who have been trafficked.

The publication also marks ten years since ECPAT UK introduced its landmark report on child trafficking in the UK, Cause for Concern? London Social Services and Child Trafficking.

The number of children who have been trafficked in the UK has risen for the second consecutive year, with 602 child victims of trafficking identified in 2013.

ECPAT UK has called on the UK Government to immediately strengthen protection measures for trafficked children and has urged practitioners to improve knowledge on and responses to child trafficking and modern slavery.

FAQs on Child Trafficking supplements these activities by encouraging a wider range of actors to understand the particular issues faced by trafficked children.