The coronavirus pandemic has created confusion, uncertainty and loneliness – feelings that are all too familiar to young victims of trafficking. Many of the young people we support have no one outside of our youth groups. Often, they arrive in the UK with few belongings and nowhere to turn for understanding and help. What’s more, the coronavirus pandemic has meant they have gone without basic necessities and care.

21 year-old Abdul was exploited as a 16 year old on his journey to the UK from Afghanistan, from where he was fleeing persecution and violence. He was able to escape his abusers but left destitute and homeless. Abdul was taken into the care of social services, but because they did not believe his age and he had no documentation to prove it, he didn’t receive the care he needed.

When he joined ECPAT UK’s youth programme, he was hopeless about the future and living in basic accommodation for ‘failed’ adult asylum seekers, receiving no money for basic needs such as shoes, soap or warm clothes and with no support system. There are many others like Abdul who face a long, difficult and isolating winter.

That’s why this year, we’re asking for your help to provide a festive hamper for a young person like Abdul, filled with essential items including food and gifts. These hampers will contain ‘something to read, something you need and something you want’, and will remind him that he’s not alone this festive season and that people like you care.

With your help, we can mark the end of a difficult year by bringing joy to young victims of trafficking.

Will you give £25 and make sure no young person is forgotten?

Add a personal message to your gift

We’d love for you to leave a message of solidarity and support with your gift – you can do this when you click the button below to give your gift. We will make sure your message is passed onto the young person who receives the festive hamper.

Not only will your gift bring joy to a trafficked young person, but they make a meaningful alternative gift for a loved one. When you give a gift, we’ll send you an e-certificate that you can dedicate to a family member or friend. 

Other ways to give

We are all going through our own challenges this year and anything you give will make a difference.

  • £10 could buy a food parcel for one of our hampers
  • £25 could buy an entire hamper for a youth group member
  • £50 could provide two young people with hampers
  • £100 could provide four young people with hampers

Your gift amount can be changed by editing the number in the donation box above to give whatever you can afford. Thank you for your support.