At this in-person annual festive gathering we came together to celebrate the power and importance of love as social action.

We will be joined by inspirational speakers, music, singing and storytelling.

It was a fabulous evening of inspirational speakers, music, singing and storytelling with performances from internationally renowned composer and performer Saied Silbak and actor and writer Safia Lamrani.

All in aid of our work and part of our Big Give Christmas Challenge

All donations on the night or during the week 29th November - 6th December go towards supporting our work and helping to fill our festive hampers for the young people we work with and for.

To find out more about this year's theme, check out this article Love in Action written by young victims of trafficking

Each person who works to help unaccompanied young people can make a difference to how those young people feel by demonstrating love. We wanted to share with professionals the fundamental importance of love to all of us, and our understanding that love is a doing word that we can all show in our actions.