The coronavirus outbreak is changing the way we live our lives. We are all having to adapt to life under new conditions and are learning to living with uncertainty.
These uncertain and isolating times are an everyday experience for the young people we support. As travel restrictions come into place and social contact is limited, the young people we support face increased risk to their mental health and wellbeing. 
ECPAT UK’s youth groups provide a stable community for many who have no support network in the UK.  Despite the impact of the virus, we’re striving to provide this same stability to those who have suffered the trauma of trafficking and remain vulnerable to the risk of further harm, particularly as migrants who may have difficulty accessing healthcare.

Will you donate £10 or whatever you can afford to help support trafficked young people? 

The impact of coronavirus makes supporting these vulnerable young people even more challenging. But safeguarding victims of child trafficking remains our priority and we are taking every measure to support them, including:

  • Adapting our services and developing individual support plans for each youth group member
  • Linking young people to local support groups to prevent isolation and re-trafficking
  • Instituting home working to protect our young people and vulnerable community members from the virus
  • Postponing our training sessions until it is safe to hold them again

ECPAT UK is reliant on voluntary donations to survive. As we enter this period of uncertainty, we are seeing our training courses being cancelled and funding decisions postponed.
We need your support now more than ever to help us deliver our vital services through the challenging time ahead. This is why we're asking you to please consider making a donation of £10, or whatever you can afford.
Thank you for your continued support and solidarity.
The ECPAT UK team​