Whatever you interest, turn your hobby into a hustle and design your own unique fundraiser to raise money and awareness for our work! Check out our fundraising A-Z for inspiration to create your own activity to support our work.

You can create your own fundraiser in 3 simple steps:

  1. Decide what to do
    Will you host an event, teach a skill or complete a sponsored challenge? Will you go it alone or buddy up for a team challenge? Create your own activity or check out our A-Z of fundraising ideas below for some inspiration.
  2. Set up your JustGiving fundraising Page
    Create your fundraising page here. This will let you track your fundraising, share updates with your supporters and take the hassle out of fundraising. All donations will go directly to ECPAT UK and you won’t have to do a thing!
  3. Spread the word
    Share your event and fundraising page across social media, with family and friends. Don’t forget to keep promoting your fundraising even after your event has finished, as 20% of donations are made after the date of the event! Check out some more fundraising tips here.

Fundraising ideas for kids

  • Bake sale. Teach your children to bake and host a bake sale in your community or at school.
  • Get creative with an art attack fundraiser. Host a day of finger painting or collage making, with a donation to join in.
  • Back yard Olympics. Egg on some friendly rivalry with an egg and spoon race and host the official ECPAT UK Olympics with a small entry fee.
  • Challenge events. There are plenty of events that children can take part in as well as adults, from 1K themed walks to dog jogs. You can join in or host your own!
  • Easter egg hunt. Donate a £3 for every egg found or charge a small entry fee and have an Easter egg hunt in your community!

Easy fundraising ideas for busy people

  • Ditch your vice – whether its coffee or chocolate, give it up for a month and donate what you would have spent.
  • Fancy dress day – liven up the office with a fancy dress day and ask co-workers to make a donation.
  • Shop for ECPAT UK – Pick us as your Amazon Smile charity or use Give as You Live and raise money for ECPAT UK at no extra cost for you.
  • Obvious word jar – Fundraising at home? Every time someone says the word ‘mum’ put £1 in the jar. Fundraising at work? Every time someone says the word ‘email’ put £1 in the jar. Adapt this to your environment, choose your obvious word to watch the pounds stack up and people fumble over the obvious word.
  • Sponsored silence – take the opportunity not to speak to anyone all day and complete a sponsored silence for 12 hours.


ART ATTACK – Host an art evening and follow a Bob Ross tutorial with your friends.

BOOK CLUB – Start a book club and ask members to make a small donation ahead of each meeting

CAKE SALE – Get baking and host a cake sale in your community.

DANCE-ATHON – Hold a 24hr dance-athon and ask family and friends to sponsor each dance.

ENDURANCE CHALLENGE – Get sponsored to complete as many squats, push ups or jumping jacks as you can.

FIVE A SIDE – Hold a five a side football tournament and charge teams to enter.

GAME NIGHT – Pull out the family favourites and host a game night.

HIKE – Complete a sponsored hike. Take on a Dream Challenge or go your own route.

ICE CREAM PARLOUR – Host an ice cream parlour, make your own flavours and try new tastes with friends.

JOKE AROUND – In a donate-to-enter joke night, invite each participant to share their best jokes.

KARAOKE NIGHT – Hold a karaoke night and invite friends to show off their singing skills.

LEARNING EXCHANGE – Invite friends and family to exchange their skills. Whether it’s baking or playing guitar, give everyone 15 minutes to host a crash course in their skill.

MOVIE NIGHT – Host a movie night for family and friends. Why not give it a theme and come dressed as your favourite film characters?

NAME THE BEAR – At work or school, let people guess the name of a teddy bear for a small donation. The winner gets to keep the bear!

OBSTACLE RACE – Set up your own obstacle race, make it the ultimate challenge for the adults and simplify it for the children – a perfect family affair!

PHOTO COMPETITION – Host your own photo competition, give it a theme and get snapping.

QUIZ NIGHT – Host a quiz night for family and friends and charge a small fee to join.

RUN FOR A CAUSE – Marathon or Mini-thon, whatever distance suits you, dust off your trainers and get going.

SWEEPSTAKE – Hold a sweepstake at work or school and guess how many sweets are in the jar for a small donation, the closest guess wins a prize.

TRADE UP – take a small household object, like a paper clip or a bobby pin and get trading. In 2005, Kyle MacDonald took on the trading challenge and in 12 trades he went from a paperclip to a house. You could end up with something amazing to auction off for ECPAT UK.

UNIFORM FREE DAY – Hold a uniform free day at school and ask pupils to bring in £1 to donate to ECPAT UK.

VARIETY SHOW – Invite friends to show off their hidden talents in a variety show.

WINE AND CHEESE NIGHT – Host a wine and cheese evening and try out some new flavours.

X MARKS THE SPOT – Design a scavenger hunt and charge a small entry fee.

YOUR BEST DISH – Host a dinner party and ask each guest to bring their best dish and an entry fee. Best dish wins a prize!

ZERO ___ - Zero chocolate, zero alcohol, or zero coffee. Go zero and donate the money you save.