Featured campaign: Demand specialist support for trafficked children

We are working with Care2 to call on the Home Secretary, Amber Rudd MP, to overhaul the current system of identification/support for victims of trafficking – the National Referral Mechanism (NRM).Read more

Making Brexit work for children

Download the discussion paper produced jointly by ECPAT UK and organisations across the children's sector, exploring the specific implications of Brexit on children and young people.Read more


View ECPAT UK's research reports on child trafficking and modern slavery, transnational child exploitation, and online child sexual abuse.Read more


View ECPAT UK's research publications, reports and briefings.Read more

International Legislation

Key international legislation and conventions relating to child trafficking and modern slavery.Read more

Legislation (Wales)

Key legislation in Wales relating to child trafficking and modern slavery.Read more

Legislation (Scotland)

Key legislation in Scotland relating to child trafficking and modern slavery.Read more

Legislation (England)

Key legislation in England relating to child trafficking and modern slavery.Read more

Practitioner resources

ECPAT UK's resources for practitioners working with child victims of trafficking and modern slavery, and unaccompanied children who may have been trafficked.Read more

Useful tools

ECPAT UK's useful tools include child friendly leaflets translated into eleven languages to help children, their guardians and legal representatives to uphold their rights.Read more

Guidance (England)

View key statutory guidance and strategy documents on safeguarding and care of unaccompanied migrant or refugee children and child victims of modern slavery.Read more


Download ECPAT's free resources for child trafficking and modern slavery victims, professionals working with trafficked children and members of the public.Read more

ReACT resources

Download ECPAT UK's free resources for children and professionals working with child trafficking and modern slavery victims.Read more

Register now for our FREE child trafficking webinars!

Calling all lawyers, advocates, social workers and more! ECPAT UK, as part of the European Commission funded ReACT Project, is offering two free online tutorials for those working with trafficked children.Read more

The Secret Gardeners: New film on child trafficking from Vietnam

The Secret Gardeners aims to inform professionals about the plight of children who are forced by organised crime gangs to grow drugs in houses across the UK but who often face criminalisation and prison.Read more

Training courses

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Lighting the way

The second report for the ReACT project provides guidance for professionals on how to improve the identification and protection of children who may have been trafficked.Read more

ATMG briefing on Brexit and modern slavery in the UK

Read the Anti-Trafficking Monitoring Group's briefing paper on Brexit and the UK's fight against modern slaveryRead more

Annual reports

ECPAT UK is a registered charity (Number 1104948) and a company limited by guarantee (Number 5061385).Read more

ECPAT UK Row for Freedom

In 2012, Debbie Beadle, ECPAT UK Head of Youth Programmes, captained a team of women rowers across the Atlantic Ocean to raise awareness of human trafficking and raise funds for ECPAT UK. The Row For Freedom team earned two world records in the process: ‘The fastest crossing of the Atlantic Ocean by an all-female team’ and ‘The first five-woman team to row any ocean’.Read more

Privacy policy

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Trafficking, exploitation and modern slavery

This course, developed in partnership with Virtual College, assists professionals to understand trafficking and help people who are being trafficked, exploited or used in modern slavery. It examines different types of exploitation, how individuals become victim to abuse and what actions professionals should take to recognise victims and help them.Read more

Youth programme

The award-winning ECPAT UK youth programme supports young people to move on and recover from their experiences of exploitation and trafficking. We provide a safe environment to enable them to learn valuable life skills, access peer support, understand their rights and have their voices heard.Read more

Trafficked girls and young women's group

The award-winning ECPAT UK Trafficked girls and young women's group was the first-ever peer support group for trafficked young people in the UK. It provides a safe space where young people who have been through emotional trauma can socialise and get involved in projects, such as drama and arts, as a way for them to recover from their experiences.Read more