This Christmas, you can give a gift that makes a difference in the lives of our most vulnerable children and young people. Each of our Gifts for Good provides practical support to children and young people who have been trafficked. When you buy a Gift for Good, you can dedicate it to a loved one who will receive a personalised gift certificate telling them all about the impact of their gift – a wonderful way to give a present that’s meaningful this Christmas!

Christmas mealA festive meal (£9)
For young people separated from family and friends, living in an unfamiliar environment and struggling with trauma, the festive period can be isolating and distressing. A festive meal with others who have been through similar experiences creates a sense of community, warmth and care.

Christmas mealA festive present (£25)
Share the joy of giving with a young victim of exploitation - this gift may be the only gift they receive this year. Provide a young person with a gift that will bring them joy and help make the festive period special.

Essential supportEssential support (£100)
The complex systems victims of trafficking face can be confusing and stressful. Our expert staff provide holistic support to lighten the load for young people during this challenging time. Our life skills and educational workshops help them develop skills and confidence to secure employment and access education, too.

How it works
1) Choose your gift using the arrows to scroll in the box below
2) Follow the 'donate' link to pay for your gift
3) We’ll contact you within 1-2 working days to find out your personalisation requirements and whether you would like an e-certificate or paper gift certificate

All of our Gifts for Good are part of ECPAT UK’s work with children and young people who have been trafficked. Your gift is a donation which supports our vital work with and on behalf of these children and young people. When you buy a Gift for Good from ECPAT UK, you can be confident that your donation is being used effectively to support children and young people who are victims or at risk of exploitation.