‘Depraved’ Briton jailed for online abuse following international cooperation

British national, Matthew Falder, was jailed today for 32 years after admitting 137 charges of online sexual exploitation against children and adults in the UK and internationally. Falder used the anonymity of the dark web to trick and blackmail victims into providing footage of sexually abusive acts, deliberately targeting young and vulnerable victims. It is a 'watershed moment' for the policing and prosecution of transnational abuse of children online.Read more

Stephen's case exposes failings in child trafficking support

‘Stephen’ was identified as a former child victim of trafficking but now faces the threat of removal to Vietnam. His case has rightly received significant public attention, highlighting the urgent need to reform the support system (the National Referral Mechanism) for other children who have been victims of modern slavery in the UK.Read more

Report finds major gaps in local authority support to migrant children

There is “limited availability of specialist provision” for migrant children who are identified as potential victims of modern slavery by local authorities, a new report has found, strengthening ECPAT UK’s campaign call for urgent reforms to the way in which the UK responds to trafficked children.Read more

Children across the UK exploited by ‘county lines’ gangs

A new report by the National Crime Agency finds thousands of children are being trafficked to supply drugs by ‘county lines’ gangs into rural parts of the UK.Read more

Calls for ‘firewall’ between immigration and child protection in the UK

The UK should introduce a ‘firewall’ between child protection services and immigration services to protect the rights of child victims of trafficking from abroad, according to two UN Committees.Read more

Frontline professionals express major concerns about the National Referral Mechanism for children

ECPAT UK's survey on the National Referral Mechanism (NRM) has found that more than half of frontline workers believe the current NRM, the main framework for identifying and protecting victims of trafficking, needs to be revised to better protect child victims of modern slavery.Read more

Brexit negotiations must consider the rights and needs of children

ECPAT UK has joined with other UK children’s experts to form the ‘Brexit and Children’ coalition and create an important new discussion paper outlining concerns about the impact of Brexit on children.Read more

ECPAT UK signs as UK representative of The Code

ECPAT UK has become the UK representative of The Code, an international initiative to support travel and tourism companies to prevent child sexual exploitation.Read more

Changes made to trafficking support system but children risk being overlooked

ECPAT UK responds to the government's announcement regarding reforms to the National Referral Mechanism for victims of trafficking. ECPAT welcomes the reforms although they do not go far enough to provide children with the specialist support they need.Read more

The Secret Gardeners: New film on child trafficking from Vietnam

Leading children’s charity ECPAT UK will mark today’s Anti-Slavery Day (18th October 2017) with the release of an animated film aimed at tackling the growing issue of Vietnamese children being trafficked to the UK for cannabis cultivation.Read more

Register now for our FREE child trafficking webinars!

Calling all lawyers, advocates, social workers and more! ECPAT UK, as part of the European Commission funded ReACT Project, is offering two free online tutorials for those working with trafficked children.Read more

UK modern slavery more widespread than previously thought, National Crime Agency says

The scale of human trafficking and modern slavery is far larger than “anyone had previously thought”, the National Crime Agency has said today. Tens of thousands of adults and children, according to NCA Director of Vulnerabilities, Will Kerr, are likely to have been trafficked into modern slavery and human trafficking in the UK.Read more

Care for UK trafficked children must improve, US State Department warns

The UK should improve its response to child trafficking by strengthening specialist support systems, the US State Department has said.Read more

Leading crime agency predicts increase in UK child exploitation

Modern slavery, human trafficking and other forms of child exploitation are likely to increase in the UK over the next few years, according to a new report by the National Crime Agency (NCA).Read more

Governments must make good global promises on child labour

ECPAT UK is calling on governments across the world to honour the commitment to eradicate child labour on global World Day Against Child Labour (12th June).Read more

Mayor of London prioritises anti-trafficking efforts

The Mayor and Deputy Mayor for Policing & Crime have answered calls from NGOs to outline their plans to strengthen London’s response to human trafficking, after a staggering 260% increase in the number of victim referrals in the capital.Read more

Record number of UK child trafficking cases reported in 2016

Child trafficking referrals increased by 30% to 1,278 in 2016, the highest on record according to the latest figures from the National Crime Agency.Read more

New ECPAT UK project: Local authorities supported to innovate child trafficking responses

ECPAT UK has been selected by the government to deliver an innovative project aimed at improving the local response to child trafficking and all forms of modern slavery and exploitation.Read more

#LostinMigration exposes desperate circumstances for lone migrant children in Europe

An influential coalition of children’s’ rights charities, including ECPAT UK, have today called on EU and national ministers to end the disappearance, suffering and exploitation of children in migration.Read more

British child abuser guilty of 45 crimes against Thai and UK children

Serial child abuser, and retired English teacher, Mark Frost, formerly Andrew Tracey, has pleaded guilty to 45 counts of rape and sexual assault of children in the UK and Thailand, in what has been called by prosecutors as one of most serious cases in British court history.Read more

WATCH: ECPAT UK - Leading the fight against child trafficking in the UK

In this new film about our work, members of the ECPAT UK Youth Group talk about their experiences of trafficking and the transformational impact ECPAT UK has had on their lives.Read more

Scottish Guardianship Service named ECPAT UK’s 2016 Children’s Champion

ECPAT UK has today announced the Scottish Guardianship Service as the recipient of the 2016 Children’s Champion award.Read more

BBC features ECPAT UK in latest charity appeal

ECPAT UK’s work to stop child trafficking, modern slavery and sexual abuse in tourism has been featured in the latest BBC Lifeline Appeal.Read more

Alarming number of trafficked children going missing from care - new ECPAT UK report

Trafficked and unaccompanied asylum-seeking children are going missing from UK care at an “alarmingly high” rate, leading charities ECPAT UK and Missing People have said in a new report released today.Read more

UK should listen to ECPAT UK on trafficked children’s rights, experts say

A new report by the Council of Europe’s Group of Experts on Action against Trafficking in Human Beings (GRETA) has again urged the United Kingdom to improve protection of child victims of trafficking.Read more

ECPAT UK launches national anti-trafficking initiative for foster carers

The Department for Education has enlisted ECPAT UK and the Refugee Council to train foster carers and support workers across England to improve the care of separated children seeking asylum and child victims of trafficking.Read more